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7 Bombay Street

2016 - In Progress

BHA has prepared designs for a development of 10 new apartments, incorporating commercial space at ground floor level, in South Bermondsey for Acorn Property Group.  The site is a former steelwork fabrication yard occupying a gap between other buildings with a broad street frontage but tapering almost to nothing at the rear.  Across the road is the main rail corridor into London Bridge from the south east, with multiple tracks elevated above ground level on brick viaducts.  Bedrooms are located on the east facing street elevation and living rooms to the west facing rear.  The internal arrangement is expressed on the facades, with the stair’s presence in the centre of the street facade signalled by staggered windows on quarter landings.  There is a mixture of apartment sizes and a penthouse at the top level.  At street level the commercial use within is provided with generous glazing to ensure active frontage to the highway.

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